About Grace

Grace is your best friend in Paris who shares with you all her secrets about shopping in stores and boutiques that are the hidden gems of the City of Light. Grace can help you find the perfect item, or help you plan the quintessential Parisian experience.

Our History

Paris, July 2017. Fashion week. Having just attended an invitation-only couture show, the American and the Parisian editors of a French fashion and lifestyle magazine were having lunch to discuss their thoughts on the latest trends they were seeing.
They acknowledged that the bridge from the U.S. to France is covered in Chanel, Dior, St. Laurent and so many other fantastical fashion houses. But there is so much more to be discovered within the retail experience in Paris. Shopping in the City of Light can be complicated if you don’t know the hidden gems and offerings on side streets, off the main path. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share what we know with others? Could we be that friend who knows all about Paris and can share destinations to discover elegant offerings, the quintessential Parisian chic items that immediately say “I found this in a little shop in Paris!”? That’s Grace. She’s your friend who will tell you where to find such gems, how to fully experience the secret side of the city of sartorial treasures.

Our Expertise

Nancy Flaherty is the co-founder and co-editor of Grace in Paris. Nancy has been fixated on fashions her entire life, and as U.S. editor for Captendance Magazine has been able to combine her journalistic quest for knowledge with her passion for the world of couture. Nancy is a member of Fashion Group International Atlanta, The French Heritage Society, and The MannequinsATL which allow her to equally obsess over fashion, philanthropy and family. Nancy@graceinparis.com

Jacqueline Sablayrolles, co-founder and co-editor of Grace in Paris, has always been fascinated by style, be it visual or written. Graduated from the Sorbonne and the world famous Esmod fashion school, Jacqueline developed a unique consulting method to help clients discover their own sense of Parisian style through seminars, fashionable events, and personal consultations while working as a consultant for several Paris-based designers. A founding editor, supervising and training the team of writers for Captendance Magazine, she developed a hands-on writing and storytelling module that is used for students at Parisian Business Schools. In terms of fashion, Jacqueline has a passion for couture as well as for upcoming, talented designers and artisans. She currently lives in Paris and is our resident expert on everything the beautiful city can offer. Jacqueline@graceinparis.com

Our Commitment

We promise to bring you the lovely things that can be found in the world surrounding the fashion industry. Our good opinions might be shared, but always with a journalistic editorial approach.