Post on 07.03.2019

Treize au Jardin – Charleston’s Low Country Cooking on the Left Bank

Treize, Thirteen, baker’s dozen, no matter how you describe it, the lovely bakery in the Saint Germain de Pres, is the place for southern cooking, Parisian style.

From their website, “Treize au Jardin. A boozy Tea-room with a range of fully homemade, organic, drinks and food, and service all day long. A home away from home, for everyone.” Owner and chef, Laurel Sanderson came from Charleston over 25 years ago and has never looked back.  Her place seems to be in Paris now, providing guests with a bit of the American south in the trendy Latin Quarter.  Her restaurant feels like a homey warm cup of tea and a conversation with your best friend. French toasted buttermilk biscuits, carrot cake, and fresh-from-the-market salads filled with anything that is ethically sourced and feels right to Chef Lauren that day.  The front room has a full service coffee bar and paired with her baked goods that almost wrap around you like a warm blanket, it’s the perfect breakfast.  The carrot cake is something that Parisian’s will cross the city for, and a savory cocktail to celebrate the perfect day is always available - when is a day in Paris ever not perfect? Treize cleverly calls cocktail time “Boozy teatime” and has a witty menu of a variety of drink options.

We are a “beehive more than a nest” says Lauren when asked to describe her place.  Truly a perfect description, the cozy nest she refers to was her first Paris location, in a small courtyard of the seventh arrondissement and somewhat complicated to find with room for only a few tables.  Now located on the avenue across from the gates of the Luxembourg palace, there is an outdoor terrace, a coffee bar, and a room for dining, as well as the quintessential Parisian café tables set outside by the front windows.    Entering the door, visitors are greeted with a warm welcome – in English or French.  Usually the colloquialism, “Hey Y’all” is interjected into the conversation.  To those not familiar, it is a southern form of greeting that verbally embraces the object of the greeter like a warm smile and is the perfect complement to the menus perused at the restaurant.  Lauren has welcomed many of her staff into the Treize nest to give them a place to land while they get their Parisian life established.  Not surprisingly, she is a caring mentor as well as a successful entrepreneur.

Whether you are looking for a cup of coffee to start your day, a healthy lunch break, or sweets and a cup of tea to fortify yourself as you continue shopping in Saint Germaine des Prés, Treize au Jardin is the perfect spot for a delicious break.  Don’t forget the cocktails, y’all!



Nancy Flaherty