Post on 17.02.2018

The Row’s “Cool Girl” Aesthetic Continues to Impress

Luxurious materials, neutral colors, elegant silhouettes all comprised the latest collection by The Row.

Imagine an art gallery, within the walls of their New York offices, where the company has set up an installation by the Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum containing sculptures and artifacts that catch the eye.  Green tea and scones are thoughtfully passed among viewers to sustain them while they wait for the show to begin. Models walk among the pieces and the audience stands on the perimeter of the room, entertained and enthralled by all that is provided. Guests are each given a crystal, all of this sending the message that The Row is more about a lifestyle, than a grouping of clothing.

The line for the Autumn18 season includes cream cashmere long coats with belt ties, a black velvet dress with white silk sleeves, and navy tweed suits with pleated skirts. As each look came through the art gallery, the flow and coordination of the ensembles was simply cool girl chic!  With this brand, it is all about sophisticated understatement. Monochromatic silhouettes, showcasing beautiful drapes, exquisite pleats and ample sleeve volumes, subtly enhance the soft luxury touch of the beautiful cashmere fabrics.

A collection for a woman who knows that the true elegance is never showy. Black power suit accented with a strong hint of the feminine waist would be perfect for a business occasion.  The long wrap coats and sweaters thrown over the shoulder would be perfect for casual but colder nights. The olive green trousers and coat will bring sunshine to an Autumn day. New York Fashion week has become edgy and avant garde, but the classic clean looks at The Row continue to please the audience.

We had an opportunity to chat with the designers of The Row, Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen after the show. When asked about plans for a Paris shop, they replied, “We don’t currently have a boutique in Paris but our offices are there – we show there every year!”.  Clearly the Parisian woman, with her refined taste for luxury without the label, was in mind when this collection was created.  A boutique in Paris cannot be far behind!

Nancy Flaherty