Post on 08.04.2020

The Red Lip

We all have a clear memory of the first time we tried red lipstick. Sneaking into your mother’s vanity, picking the most eye catching shade and smearing it across your mouth. Looking in the mirror and feeling absolutely gorgeous, not yet learning the technique of overlining your lips or layering a gloss, but having that pop of red gives you that power to say “Yes. I’m a Boss.”

Nars Lip Duo "Dragon Girl"


All who wear red lipstick have different motivations with each wear. In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra coined the term “the Kiss of Death” from her blood red shade made of crushed Beetles and Ants. Famous burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese states “Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people.” And our very own Founder and CEO Nancy Flaherty has her own tip: a bold lip and a neck scarf can distract from any unwanted blemish. 


Red Lipstick has become such a staple in the lives of many.  Now that it is safe for all to wear, there are 100+ shades to choose from, complimenting different skin tones, textures and personalities. When you need a pick me up, go out and treat yourself to a red lip. Don’t be afraid to try them all on. Like shoes and purses, the right choice for you will always fit!


Nancy Flaherty