Post on 01.10.2018

The Essential White Shirt

It embodies the quintessential Parisian style flair: the perfect white shirt is a season-less staple for any wardrobe.

Borrowed from the boys, feminine with ruffles or pleats, buttoned up to the chin, or subtly left open to reveal the décolletage: the white shirt is always a classic that will never go out of style!

No matter the size, shape or personality of a female, wearing a crisp white shirt gives the je ne sais quoi style of a French woman who can be leisurely out for a stroll, or purposefully on her way to the next business appointment, while looking impeccably put together.  Left tucked in to trousers, worn casually out over leather jeans or tied at the waist over a skirt, the white shirt is the most versatile item in any wardrobe.

Fit is important; too tight is absolutely a fashion “don’t”, but when chosen with purpose a shirt that is a bit too large can be worn with a casual air that is finished but still exudes a carelessness in attitude.  Theory, Anne Fontaine or The Row are three levels of retail areas that will all consistently carry a white shirt in their collections each season.  All that is left to do is to choose one, style it to make it your own, and continue on to the next event with Parisian Flair!

Nancy Flaherty