Post on 30.04.2018

Stepping into Spring with Pairs in Paris


With Spring in full swing, a casual, yet chic, sneaker is the perfect choice to stay cohesively trendy and comfortable.

A sneaker can be styled in numerous ways that are not only practical, but also make a bold fashion statement. Founded in 2013, Pairs in Paris is a high-end sneaker brand that takes a minimalistic style approach to a traditional footwear classic. Founder and fashion footwear expert, Caroline Robert, has figured out a way to create a brand that celebrates leisure style while still remaining upscale and classy. The brand offers men’s and women’s styles in soft shades of nudes, neutrals, burgundy and black, complimentary of a true trendy color palette. All of the shoes are designed in the Parisian studio at 27 Rue Milton and manufactured in Portugal. The brand only uses the finest of Italian, French and Portuguese leather, which comes as no surprise as Robert gained a significant part of her shoemaking knowledge from her employment with Hermès. The assembling techniques are reminiscent of traditional craftsmen that require specific sewing machinery, thus sustaining the overall luxe appeal of the brand, while the line remains surprisingly affordable.

Each pair of Pairs is made, inside and out, of genuine calfskin and vegetal tanned leather that is both breathable and flawlessly comfortable. The brand uses full-grain pieces of leather from tanneries that share the commitment of taking an eco-friendly stance to creating quality products. The laces are thinly woven from 100% cotton and highly resistant to normal wear and tear, and colored in various shades that are exclusively developed for Pairs in Paris. All of the metallic pieces are coated in 14K gold, including the unique metallic ring that each shoe possesses to help maintain the sneaker’s tongue while slipping into it. The rubber soles are vulcanized and sewn which gives each shoe great flexibility and provides the ultimate endurance. All glues, although scarcely used, are water-based and solvent-free while the inner soles are antibacterial, comfortable and breathable.

The classic Parisienne is well known for her art of redesigning her style on an ongoing basis, continuously looking for pieces with versatility. Pairs in Paris' sneakers easily fit into any modern wardrobe and underline the season's trend that can be paired with a feminine cotton shirt dress as well as a silky, patterned tunic; they are also the perfect complement to enhance tapered ankle length trousers or soft urban joggers. Not surprisingly, these beautifully designed sneakers can be a stylish complement to a simple little black dress.

Although a young brand, Pairs in Paris addresses customers who appreciate a fine and fashionable product from a creator who truly understands the compositions of a perfect footwear item. Distributed in various prestigious stores across Europe and Asia, the brand's sneakers are made to fulfill a worldly fashionistas' desire for a distinctive and unique version of chic.

Nancy Flaherty