Post on 22.05.2018

Margareth & Moi’s Wearable Artwork

The French brand’s collections are made to help women feel special and unique

Creators and innovators! Undoubtedly, these terms come to mind when describing the quintessentially French brand, Margareth & Moi. Created by two designers, both well-versed in the world of sewing, Victoria and Gildas, have taken immense time and skill to create pieces that are of the highest quality, resulting in a brand that has a compelling style and identity.

Consistently throughout their collections, every garment tells an individual story and is designed to stand on its own as a special piece.   Each article of clothing also coordinates with other pieces from the season, thus not limiting the versatility of the piece while generating a more monochromatic look. Each piece is intended to be styled with minimalistic garments and accessories in order to truly highlight them as the centerpiece of an outfit. The modern silhouettes of these separates are classic enough to pair with simple and elegant jewelry while the dresses show beautifully with a simple clutch or wallet with little to no embellishments necessary.

Construction of each Margareth & Moi garment is reminiscent of Victoria’s fellow native Spanish couturier, Cristobal Balenciaga. Victoria and Gildas show pride in each piece by ensuring that the structure and durability are exemplary in order to maintain the shape of the garment. When in the design stage, intense research is completed prior to any construction or pattern-making which creates final products that are both impressive and highly precise. The seemingly perfect proportions and appropriate pleats lay cleanly and effectively on the body making the overall silhouette flattering and impactful.

Each Margareth & Moi garment is made to help women feel like they are wearing something special and unique through the intentional use of jacquard fabrics which creates stripes and textures on the pieces showcasing a strong and feminine look. Anyone lucky enough to be able to own a Margareth & Moi ensemble shows a love for sartorial originality and can feel confident that they are clearly wearing works of art.



Nancy Flaherty