Post on 17.06.2019

Laura Laval designs the perfect Parisian capsule wardrobe

The French designer masters the art of building an essential collection with elegant and fashionable items that can be paired and accessorized in endless ways.

Ultimately, the secret to a good wardrobe is to possess a selection of garments that can easily be mixed and matched. Even though this statement sounds obvious, the major challenge is to find the right basics. With their feminine pieces, perfectly balanced proportions and soft fabrics, the collections of Laura Laval are designed to form a perfect Parisian capsule wardrobe. Her limited selection of skirts, jackets, trousers, dresses, tops, and blouses is elegant and offers enough versatility for an impeccable style, from day to evening. They boast the kind of easy chic all women are looking for in order to feel confident and elegant while conducting their busy lives.

As Chanel already put it, “Fashion is architecture; it is a matter of proportions”. Laura Laval has a full understanding regarding the balance of lines and volumes. The apparent simplicity of the garments is the result of a long, in-depth reflection in order to achieve the ideal visual harmony. Laval's garments flatter the figure and embellish the silhouette while offering a certain comfort, thanks to soft fabrics and perfect cuts. To define her own style identity, Laval also admits a passion for florals, which she discreetly incorporates, into her prints or on her laces.



Being in charge of the entire process, from the inspiration to the selection of the fabrics and pattern making, the designer has a small Parisian atelier produce her collections. However, when the detail-obsessed Lavall receives her clients privately in her boutique-showroom in Paris, she takes care of their alterations personally. Devoted to sustainable fashion, nothing seems more important to her than to have a line that is 100% made in France - a collection she keeps affordable and elegant.

Jacqueline Sablayrolles