Post on 24.04.2018

Laulhère’s French Beret Maintaining Style Tradition

The beret is back! Not that it ever really left. Beginning in the 1840s, Laulhère has been a French fashion brand that has represented everything that is classical about the style of the French fashion heritage. The house maintains their initial vision of providing simple, yet elegant products to its customers.

According to the Laulhère story, the beret was made famous in the 1930s and 1940s by movie stars and celebrities. Its original purpose was to protect the people of Basque from the harsh sun. In later years, the beret was proudly worn by members of the French military. It has since grown to become the unofficial national symbol for the country of France that is recognized across the globe.

While this ready-to-wear piece can complete any ensemble with chicness and style, the Laulhère beret provides a luxury and uniqueness among hat makers that is unparalleled. Eighty percent of the manufacturing of each beret is personally hand-crafted, which makes the remarkable attention to detail a selling point for Laulhère. The brand’s reputation of being the sole remaining family owned beret maker in France also solidifies Laulhère as a key figure in French fashion history.

While Laulhère berets are best known for being the quintessential French fashion accessory, they also have a reputation for containing the highest quality in their product featuring the utmost softness, water resistance, and durability. Laulhère makes use of impeccable raw materials such as Marino wool and angora. Customers have a wide variety of color palettes and styles to choose from, with options for embroidery and embellishments, sequins and intricate designs that provide options for various textures and depth.

Choices for personalizing the beret are many, and the fact that they are a fashion item that has the ability to cross gender lines makes them the ultimate accessory for both men and women

Whether wearing for fashion, or practical use, the beret lives on today as a wardrobe piece that allows anyone to encompass glamour and style with a nod to pride and heritage for the country of France. Laulhère does the job in keeping this French traditional icon as authentic and significant as possible, which makes the brand a legend in its own right.

Nancy Flaherty