Post on 13.08.2019

Julien Fournié's Haute Couture under the spell of magic women

The couturier's Fall/Winter 19-20 silhouettes celebrate a strong heroine who possesses extraordinary powers - an inspiration that proves highly successful.

Don't get it wrong. When Julien Fournié announces that his FW 2019-20 collection is inspired by women such as witches and magic creatures, it is for their innate power and strength. The couturier is known for his passion for heroines who never give up their femininity while possessing an adventurous spirit. And his latest collection, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Parisian house is no exception to the inspiration that drives the designer's stimulation.



To translate his vision, Fournié once again surpasses his own creativity and reaches new heights in the sartorial dimension. The tailoring of the jackets and the upper parts of the dresses are almost strict, with a narrow waist, and high collars, completed by long, tight or pleated sleeves. Overall, the dresses, with Victorian severity that hides countless sophisticated details, are the quintessential expression of the talent that reigns in Fournié's ateliers. Precision is everywhere: in the perfect proportions with the signature line that characterizes the couturier's silhouettes; on the splendid pleats of the chiffon blouses and sleeves as well as on the dancing movement of the ankle-length skirts. Numerous buttons delicately sewn on the cuffs or the bodices emphasize the apparent severity of the outfits. Fabrics are for the most part solid, and their dark and misty tones are emphasized by embroideries and trims or softened by ribbons.

To use an easy and yet appropriate metaphor, we wonder how Julien Fournié’s magic wand once again operated to bring out a collection which not only has a part of romance but also a very modern touch.

Jacqueline Sablayrolles