Post on 02.02.2019

Julien Fournié’s ‘First Bliss’ encapsulates a faraway island for FW.

Fournié's new collection is a celebration of creativity working alongside nature with earthy colours and elegant lines inspired by landscapes of Lanzarote.

Within a dimly lit former church, Julien Fournié’s elegant designs once again adorned the runways of Haute Couture in Paris last week. With this collection, Fournié was inspired by the unique landscapes of Lanzarote, a Spanish island surrounded by North West Africa. Emerging under an historic church arch, the colours, style and fabrics of the first dress immediately bring into light this inspiration. With the following dresses, the more sombre colours reflect that of volcanic terrain while others break this with sky blues and sandy beiges. When observing the inspiration for First Bliss, each element can be found within this collection.

The contrasting textures of silk and chiffon with touches of leather gives an edge to the sleek and feminine forms of each dress. The exotic leather used within the fastenings gives the element of strength which is found on the island of Lanzarote. The arrangement of these fabrics is fully covering, with ankle length dresses and fitted sleeves. The result is an elegant and alluring silhouette which is recognisably Julien Fournié.

The materials seem to float along with each silhouette, leaving an air of serenity which is reflected in the idea of plenitude, a place of divinity and bliss. A middle eastern influence is found in those dresses with a sleek hood which is effortlessly draped over the head. The entire collection is a tribute to creativity within ecosystems, enhanced by the use of naturally fibred fabrics and mineral-like colours. Julien Fournié has once again created an Haute Couturier’s showcase that will entice customers with maturity and sophistication around the globe.

Nancy Flaherty