Post on 17.06.2019

Jules & Jenn exemplify forward thinking sustainability in fashion

A truly innovative brand run by a couple, Jules & Jenn stands for classic and timeless collections of shoes and bags, crafted by skilled artisans in Europe.

The founders define their label with three words: responsible, accessible and essential. In 2016, when Jennifer and Jules, two well-traveled globetrotters launched their brand, they already had a strong vision in mind which became the core mission of their company: creating sustainable products manufactured by skilled artisans with total transparency. Each product line of this small but beautiful house is made in a European country which has a history of making; leather bags in the South of France, shoes - depending on their style - in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Not only did Jules and Jennifer scout these traditional places; they also succeeded in finding ateliers with trained specialists who keep practicing their craft.

Fully committed to the preservation of our planet, the two partners share another obsession to satisfy their customers: total transparency. Each of their products is featured on the website, including the breakdown of the pricing. Since all the lines are sold online, there is no hidden margin to expect. On the other hand, the prices being right, there are no sales to consider either. After all, the artisans, whom the team insists on working with personally also need to be treated with respect.

With the ethical consideration comes another major point, the fashion statement. Customers are looking for stylish items, versatility, and timeless chic. With Jules & Jenn, the fashion sensibility is obvious and visible in many points. The lines of the bags, the types of shoes, the global color palette and the details mirror the brand’s vision of simplicity and modern class.

Jacqueline Sablayrolles