Post on 11.02.2018

JM Duriez Perfume Collection Pays a Romantic Homage to Paris

Just like a beautifully tailored outfit, perfume is an essential part of the art of elegance. Chanel in her days proclaimed that “a woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future."

Today, along with the many choices offered by the international beauty industry, there are more and more niche brands whose scents are designed for men and women looking for something rare and special. Jean-Michel Duriez is one of the most interesting French “noses” who used to design for Patou and Rochas and many others before creating his own perfume line. Duriez himself is a man of refined taste who has designed custom made fragrances for private clients. He would spend long hours with them to discover their exact olfactory tastes, their lifestyle and preferences before making their perfect bespoke scent. To him, perfume is all about memories and emotions. And when one considers that our sense of smell is considered the strongest of the senses, his quest for the perfect scent for each of his clients is the logical choice.

The perfumer is also known to be a perfectionist, using exclusively the best ingredients; the purest and the highest essence for his compositions. All of his perfumes are inspired by his passion and love for the city of Paris. For each fragrance, he tells the story which originated the process. Mon Paris secret (My Secret Paris) for example is based on a love story taking the couple on a journey through the streets and historic districts such as Montmartre. L’Etoile et le Papillon (the Star and the Butterfly), tells the story of two people not meant to be together who will experience a romantic ending. Ombres furtives (Furtive Shadows), another splendid scent, is a Parisian tale about a ballerina and a gentleman who falls in love with her. These are just a few examples of which each fragrance is built on a romantic story, developed by a few verses of poetry and visually expressed with beautiful black and white pictures on his website. All of the exclusive fragrances are sold online and in selected department stores. With the exquisite purpose of keeping track of one’s Parisian memories for a long while.

Jacqueline Sablayrolles