Post on 27.10.2019

GUIV's bespoke skirts convey timeless femininity

Very inspired by skirts and their quintessential expression of chic, Asefeh Ghafourian modernizes the traditional couture process to offer each woman her unique skirt with a perfect fit.

One of the most versatile pieces of an elegant woman’s wardrobe, the skirt has always been celebrated by the legendary couturiers, namely Yves Saint-Laurent who famously stated that his “favorite thing” was a “black sweater and skirt, which you can wear all the time by changing the accessories”. When we consider that the current 2019-20 fall/winter season welcomes the comeback of knitwear, classic cardigans and jacquard tops with colorful patterns, skirts of various shapes will stylishly complement this silhouette.

Another famous couturier who dressed many socialites in her impeccable skirts, Coco Chanel, always pointed out that each woman has to find her best shape and lengths when it comes to skirts. It was clearly with this idea in mind that Asefeh Ghafourian launched her fashion house, GUIV, specializing in bespoke skirts: “It is not the woman’s body which has to fit the skirt, but the skirt which has to be made to fit the body”. Indeed, a garment that fits perfectly, is incredibly flattering, feminine and elegant. With its countless style options, the skirt is a woman’s ideal travel companion, easy to fit into the suitcase and to adapt to a large variety of circumstances.  At work, paired with a tailored jacket, the skirt stands for a strong business elegance, easily transformed for a chic cocktail event with a beautiful silk blouse and high heels. Not to mention that a skirt can become part of a casual outfit with solid boots and a sweater.


As one can discover on GUIV’s French and English Facebook page, which is full of little fashion stories, the 3 main types of skirts that she offers date back to essential fashion periods. The pleated skirt, for example, originated in the 1920s and offered the necessary comfort for Suzanne Lenglen, a woman tennis player whose skirt was designed by Jean Patou. On the other hand, the pencil skirt, another absolute must-have of the chic Parisienne, is said to appear in England in the 1940s, a time when there was little fabric available. Now part of the essential pieces in a fashionable wardrobe, GUIV’s elegant skirts are available in a selection of splendid fabrics. Each of them is lined with silk for the wearer’s utmost comfort and luxury feeling. Prices start from 390 EUR and are therefore very reasonable considering the exclusive tailoring and the timeless allure that is expressed with these garments.


In order to enjoy this Parisian couture experience with a private appointment and fitting, one can simply get in touch with Asefeh on her website and discover more about her work and details of the pieces on her Facebook page. Since she is highly committed to the traditional process and cares for high ethical values, the designer works exclusively with French fabrics and ateliers. Whether you treat yourself to this unique experience or whether you consider offering a bespoke skirt as a special gift, be it for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or even Mother’s Day, it is clearly one of the most Parisian and personalized presents that one can imagine.


Jacqueline Sablayrolles