Post on 10.02.2018

Guillaume M Embodies Parisian Chic

The talented hair stylist works attentively behind the scenes at fashion week to create beautiful coiffures.

To be included at Paris fashion week, one has to be talented and precise.  Back stage is often a mad rush to get each model ready to show a designer’s latest collection in the best views.  When working at fashion week, Guillaume M is an expert at putting that finishing touch on a model!

Guillaume, a young man from Toulouse France, has made New York City his home.  Working in the exclusive Privé by Laurent D salon, he encounters many clients with famous names and fabulous manes.  They request him exclusively because he has an expert eye when it comes to the fashionable style of Parisian chic.  Twice a year, he is even more in-demand from super labels for his expertise in knowing exactly how to finish a look for the designer.  The “icing on the cake” he says that allows the creation to shine. “You have to be quick and precise” says Guillaume.  “Often there are many models to be done, and each one has different texture, different style hair but we have to make them look consistent so that the clothes are what the audience will see.  The hair compliments the look for the designer.”  Stylists work with designers to create a mood, a theme for each look that walks the run way.  They are the accessory that everyone sees when a model walks a runway.  If a hair style is too crazy or too simple, the clothes don’t show as well as they should.

Working NYFW is always exciting for Guillaume M, and his memories of working Fashion week, especially couture, still inspire him.  “When I was working for Guo Pei, I had to figure out how to attach a two-foot urn to a model’s hair so that she could walk the runway in it”.  One can only imagine the creative process that produces such imaginative coiffures!

Nancy Flaherty