Post on 13.04.2019

Catherine Loiret designs a new collection of bags you didn’t know you needed.

Always inspired by modernity, the designer reveals in a private conversation the secrets behind her new, irresistible collection.

Any woman who owns a Catherine Loiret handbag knows that her collections are not made up of simple accessories, but rather of companions to carry through everyday life. Years of design experience paired with an intensely creative mind have led the Parisian artist and designer to craft lasting items that are alluring for their quality as well as their functionality.

Inspired by her colourful and structured wine bottle holders, the new handbag design takes another highly unique approach, while remaining true to her talent of combining function, beauty and versatility. A small square shaped shoulder bag made of leather forms the exterior support of each new bag. Top-quality leather is used, as with all the designer’s bags, and the colours are in her classic palette of black, natural, red or pink, with new tones to be added each season. Choosing leather also means adopting a material which will acquire a beautiful patina while aging, just like a good pair of jeans.



It is not only the rare use of a single piece of leather for the shape, proving the superiority of the material but also the creative interior that makes these handbags special. By using couture fabrics, individually picked by the designer, a clever inner bag has been created that slides into its leather shell. Beautifully matching with the tones of the leather, the fabrics are vastly contrasting from blue and white stripes, neon orange or a simple grey, each reflecting the personal choice of the clients. One can even personalise the bags by bringing in their own sentimental fabrics to create this inner pouch. By providing your own fabric, one can become part of the process, once again fitting the handbag to its owner’s tastes.

Taking this one step further, Catherine uses her distinct straps that you can play with in length, from long straps to easily cross over your body for the city streets to a shorter length to accompany you for a night out.

The passion that Catherine Loiret has for matching her handbags with the needs of modern customers is clear within each element of her new selection. Whether one needs to carry everyday belongings or a rare vintage bottle of wine, the designer’s creativity makes sure her new bags become a beautiful addition to any lucky woman’s -  or man’s - collection. A visit to the Parisian boutique is the best way to see and touch these pieces of art.



Nancy Flaherty