Post on 03.12.2018

Florals for Fall

“Florals for Spring?  Groundbreaking...”

Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada

Florals for FALL – now that is a different story!  In the iconic movie, The Devil Wears Prada, the editor of Runway magazine is not thrilled to be offered an article about florals for spring.  The editors here at Grace in Paris understand that it is a spring trend that has been revisited over and over again.  But this year, wearing florals in the fall is new and fresh!  The prairie dress is back and will be seen in full force!  High necks, ruffles, maxi hemlines, long sleeves; all done in a light and airy fabric that evokes thoughts of fields filled with grains, late summer days, and sipping lemonade.  For now, while the weather is still pleasant, wearing a floral dress with sandals or ballet flats and a cross body bag is enough.

As the weather gets cooler a light jacket or especially a leather coat, or sheepskin fleece and a pair of boots will bring a sharp edge to the ensemble.  Colors can be what you want them to be - typically fall evokes rust, burgundy, even forest green; but pattern should be kept small to minimize the effect.  And if you are unsure of a head-to-toe floral look, use a tie-neck blouse, a scarf, or even a flower at your lapel to make the trend sync with your own personal style.

It will be groundbreaking!

Nancy Flaherty