Post on 15.08.2020

Finding your signature scent

Finding Your Signature Scent ... from Paris

Perfume and all its complex characteristics can be intimidating and exploring a signature scent can be a personal journey to find the hidden gem within yourself.

From Coco Chanel with her iconic Chanel No. 5, to a room full of the scent of Diptyque's "Baies" candle, scent has been in fashion for the larger part of the 21st century as a luxury everyone can afford. There are many ways to express yourself in style, and having a signature scent is one of them.  Always a very personal choice, the elegant use of a perfume can be inviting, intoxicating, and even a bit exotic, depending on the scent.

One of our favorite places in the Atlanta area for finding your personal scent is an experience at Indiehouse Modern Fragrance Bar.

At Indiehouse they create an opportunity to expand your fashionable signature with a scent that matches your very own personality.  Their philosophy is to "partner with small brands and independent perfumers to bring you fresh, modern fragrances to get you noticed and remembered."  Who wouldn't want to be remembered in such a lovely and romantic way?

Indiehouse Modern Fragrance Bar



Jacqueline Sablayrolles