Post on 12.06.2019

Feeling like a guest in Yves Saint Laurent's salons

Being able to visit the place where a world-famous designer created many of his masterpieces will change your views of fashion, and certainly, intensify the fascination for the exciting world of couture.

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the studio where the renowned fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent brought to life his haute couture gowns and ready to wear clothing?  He is THE couturier who introduced so many classics with a forward-thinking vision in the fashion industry. When he first debuted Le Smoking  in 1966, a menswear’s inspired tuxedo, the now-classic ensemble went viral for women who wanted to appear strong and glamorous.  Overall, Saint Laurent was heavily inspired by all art forms which he introduced into his work.  An outstanding colorist, he mastered the art of mixing colors such as orange and pink, on his silhouettes which at the time was a new concept.  His unforgettable 1965 Mondrian Dress was another example of how splendidly he assembled colors in different ways.  The collection exemplifies meticulous construction using color-blocking, not to mention that this line is easily one of the Top 3 most enduring collections in fashion history.  Saint Laurent was also among the first designers to introduce ready to wear to the industry so that women would not have to go through countless fittings, a common practice during this time.  He simply wanted to create a more easily accessible look for younger women while keeping Haute Couture for the elite.



The building with the iconic three letters - YSL - is not just an ordinary museum that one would visit but it is more of a wonderful walk through the life and work of a true fashion icon.  The museum becomes a very emotionally moving experience, with haute couture pieces surrounding each of the salons.  When in the presence of these one-of-a-kind dresses one cannot help but be in awe of the detail and creativity that can be visually explored in each individual piece as they shimmer beneath the light against the black walls.

To understand the soul of the designer, a short film tells the story of the relationship between Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé.  One begins to understand the motivation behind this genius of a man and the creation of his artwork for the world to see because “he just wanted women to feel strong and confident.”  At the end of the short film, the viewers will have a better understanding of Yves Saint Laurent, the couturier as well as the man.

The highlight of the museum is the designer's studio at the top of the building, where he created these masterpieces.  It is a brightly lit room with white carpets and white bookshelves, surrounded by windows and mirrored walls that showcase everything that has been left since he passed away.  The white desk displays colorful sketches of the pieces he worked on, along with pictures of finished designs.

Walking down the front stairs of this museum, visitors will retain the feeling of reverential respect and ultimate chic.  As an added bonus, the building is located on Avenue Marceau, directly across the Seine from a view of the Eiffel Tower - Parisian Chic at its finest.  It is without a doubt that the legacy that Yves Saint Laurent created has become an essential chapter of  French culture for the world to appreciate, and can be admired in this prestige neighborhood of Paris.

Nancy Flaherty