Post on 29.01.2019

Emmanuelle Choussy’s ‘Pures’ photography gives softness to stark scenery

Depicting dance-like movement against raw background, the French born photographer’s new exhibition is a celebration of life. Emmanuelle Choussy is currently showing her collection of beautiful women’s bodies captured in black and white, in Toulouse.

Evident through her successful career in the United States, with her photographs documenting a wide range of content, Emmanuelle Choussy is skilled at adapting to environments and subjects. Choussy’s current exhibition will be an artistic collection in Toulouse opening the end of January 2019. The exposition, titled, “Pures”, lives up to its name, with images of natural women captured on film in powerful movements.

Set against harsh landscapes of cities, deserts and abandoned buildings, the grace and strength of each woman is the prominent subject. The choice of black and white tones seems to emphasise the simplicity and honesty of the collection and allows the artist to highlight skills as a master at playing with shadows and light combinations. Choussy has splendidly succeeded in integrating her subjects into the landscape in an interesting and thought-provoking way.

Rather than staging static poses, the women are photographed as they perform certain motions that seem to bring movement to each image, especially in those with fabrics blowing in the sky around the women’s bodies. Leaning against rocks, trees and worn out furniture, the women are captured as majestic creatures, complimenting landscapes they inhabit. The raw and uninhibited quality of the visual textures gives one the feeling of being an intruder in the subject’s natural surroundings

Using black and white photography, Choussy has told a story on the vulnerability of life which is reflected through the exposure of feminine figures to a harsh environment. These images as well as the choice to donate half of her profits to the cancer charity, Ligue 31, holds a powerful message of life and strength that the artist is clearly passionate about.

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Nancy Flaherty