Post on 04.02.2019

Eléonore Emaldi collections hold artistic flair and are easy to wear

An institution in the Parisian fashion scene for more than 20 years, Eleonore Emaldi’s collections hold modernity as well as timelessness and offer a wide variety of style building options.

Like the Renaissance era that inspires her, designer Eléonore Emaldi was born in Italy before moving to France. This heritage and influence contribute to the designer’s style identity and are clear in her collections of beautiful garments filling a boutique in the fashionable district of Saint-Germain.

Eléonore Emaldi knew she was destined for fashion from a young age, inspired by her mother’s style and encouragement as well as by the many books of art they both poured over during the evenings. With this creatively driven childhood, Emaldi began her studies at the prestigious fashion school, École de la Chambre Sydicale in Paris, which would mark the beginning of her French journey. Talented from the start, she was chosen to intern at with Emmanualle Ungaro as well as with fellow Italian designer, Gianfranco Ferré, the creative director of Dior. It was here that she practiced the complex techniques of draping and tailoring, and which defined her love for an exquisitely tailored suit. After creating a well-received collection forLaëtitiaScherrer, she decided to create her own label. Significantly her first boutique was just a few steps from the Luxembourg garden, home to Italian born queen of France, Marie de Medici.  True to her identity, all of Elenore’s garments are produced in Italy while her collections are designed in her Parisian atelier.

Having always had a passion for beautiful fabrics, it is the fabrics themselves that inspire her to create. The artistic power of the Renaissance, as well as her French fashion culture, are identifiable in the style of her clothing. Within her splendid collections, one can easily discover this from the use of darker greens, blue and brown and rich materials and textures recalling tones of the era.

Eléonore Emaldi masters the art of underlining femininity by producing a capsule wardrobe with perfectly cut jackets, complementary trousers, and flowing skirts. Her dresses flatter all body shapes and her designs enhance a petite silhouette as well as fuller body figure. Her passion even brings her to design bespoke pieces for special events.

Eléonore likes to personally spend time with her clients. Women are welcomed with her shining attitude and her legendary charm. Eléonore enjoys helping women find flattering and unique pieces to fit their individual style while keeping their comfort and movement in mind with a mixture of draped and tailored pieces. While her boutique is cosy, her collections are full, leaving opportunity for a complete wardrobe from day to evening wear. By combining her love of power dressing, and tailoring, her jackets always hold something timeless and splendid. Eléonore Emaldi has truly found a way to grant the desires of a modern woman who knows herself with a confidence and strong identity, much like herself.

Nancy Flaherty