Post on 12.04.2018

Charme d’Orient - A Pampering Fit for a Princess

Adapting the legendary ancient beauty treatments to a busy modern lifestyle, Yasmina Zerroug’s Parisian spa has become a coveted spot where locals and tourists get pampered and re-energized.

Years ago, after recreating and modernizing an ancient natural method of honey based wax made in her kitchen, Yasmina’s next step was to open a luxurious spa in the trendy Marais district welcoming all women in need of a moment of beauty, harmony and pampering. Not only did she brilliantly achieve this dream, but she also created a fabulous brand of high-quality cosmetics which reflect her philosophy and are now distributed worldwide. Thanks to her exceptional comprehension of organic beauty treatments, Yasmina spends most of her time training beauticians all over the world sharing her unique art of combining traditional rituals with modern methods.

Beautiful and unique, the architecture of the spa reflects the origin of her journey upon entering the space, with kitchen-inspired furnishings and cozy welcoming chairs. Yasmina insists in a total well-being that she wants her clients to experience. To her, every woman who enters her spa is given full attention and is encouraged to feel the sincerity and the quality that will be found within. The well trained staff at Charme d’Orient is welcoming and friendly, with competent knowledge.  From the beautiful décor inspired by Moroccan architecture to the exceptional rituals that are offered, every detail contributes to the client’s comfort and relaxation.

Balanced between ancestral tradition and modern techniques, a spa session with Charme d’Orient feels like an enchanting ceremony which simultaneously cleans, nourishes and re-energizes the body. One of the signature rituals, the Arabian nights treatment starts at the hammam steam room to open pores. After showering, one of the therapists carefully scrubs the body with a special glove to remove the dead skin. A mineralizing wrap optimizes the treatment which can be completed by a light facial.  Other options such as face or scalp massage can be included. Before leaving this heaven of peace, don’t miss the delicious tea and dried fruit served in one of the cozy sofas. An essential time to let your inner self fully restore and rejuvenate.



Jacqueline Sablayrolles