An apartment in Paris

A Story About a Shirt

GUIV's bespoke skirts convey timeless femininity

Very inspired by skirts and their quintessential expression of chic, Asefeh Ghafourian modernizes the traditional couture process to offer each woman her unique skirt with a perfect fit.

Lucienne Paris bags to guarantee modern chic around the clock

Not only are they perfect for a day to evening wear, but French designer Laure Colliot's handbags offer a large variety of style options with a twist of modernity.

A vintage opportunity in France

In fashion, the most elusive garments that people want are true vintage pieces. Justine Benetti shares how it's possible for everyone to find their perfect vintage style.

Laura Laval designs the perfect Parisian capsule wardrobe

The French designer masters the art of building an essential collection with elegant and fashionable items that can be paired and accessorized in endless ways.

Baccarat’s Cristal Room dazzles and delights with French Elegance

One of the most beautiful spaces to dine in all seasons, the historic hôtel particulier is an enchanting experience, visually and gastronomically.

Caroline de Benoist designs jewelry for joyful days


Is it due to their beautiful design or the strong emotional value which lies in the craft they are made of? As a matter of fact, Caroline de Benoist’s pieces convey an extra touch of soul to their wearers.

Visiting Paris in New York City

The Met’s latest exhibition, “Visitors to Versailles” transports viewers through space and time to an era well represented in a modern museum.

Guillaume M Embodies Parisian Chic

The talented hair stylist works attentively behind the scenes at fashion week to create beautiful coiffures.