The perfect Shoe from Paris

Hidden Gems in Paris: vintage and resale

Lucienne Paris bags to guarantee modern chic around the clock

Not only are they perfect for a day to evening wear, but French designer Laure Colliot's handbags offer a large variety of style options with a twist of modernity.

Jules & Jenn exemplify forward thinking sustainability in fashion

A truly innovative brand run by a couple, Jules & Jenn stands for classic and timeless collections of shoes and bags, crafted by skilled artisans in Europe.

Capuches à Mémé are the indispensable style signifiers for rainy days

Introducing a good product begins with a good story. This is particularly true when a classic fashion accessory celebrates a stylish comeback.

Caroline de Benoist designs jewelry for joyful days


Is it due to their beautiful design or the strong emotional value which lies in the craft they are made of? As a matter of fact, Caroline de Benoist’s pieces convey an extra touch of soul to their wearers.

Catherine Loiret designs a new collection of bags you didn’t know you needed.

Always inspired by modernity, the designer reveals in a private conversation the secrets behind her new, irresistible collection.

Courtois Paris: when a family shares a passion for hats and gloves

Small accessories with a strong impact on one's attitude, hats and gloves celebrate their fashionable comeback in the most beautiful tradition.

Eléonore Emaldi collections hold artistic flair and are easy to wear

An institution in the Parisian fashion scene for more than 20 years, Eleonore Emaldi’s collections hold modernity as well as timelessness and offer a wide variety of style building options.

Olivia Clergue designs handbags for connoisseurs of timeless beauty

In fashion, the ultimate chic is to possess a handbag which compliments everything while being unique. Take for example, Olivia Clergue’s latest collection.

A Jack Gomme Handbag is One of Life’s Essential Accessories

The Paris-based house of contemporary handbags has become a hit with trendsetters and fashionistas everywhere.

Stepping into Spring with Pairs in Paris


With Spring in full swing, a casual, yet chic, sneaker is the perfect choice to stay cohesively trendy and comfortable.

Laulhère’s French Beret Maintaining Style Tradition

The beret is back! Not that it ever really left. Beginning in the 1840s, Laulhère has been a French fashion brand that has represented everything that is classical about the style of the French fashion heritage. The house maintains their initial vision of providing simple, yet elegant products to its customers.

Repetto – A French Fashion Classic

From its modest beginning on the Rue de la Paix, birthplace of Haute Couture and a few steps from the legendary Opera building, Repetto has expanded internationally, offering a range of very trendy and comfortable shoes as well as dance wear and clothing.

Duvelleroy Brings Back the Art of Holding Fans

Duvelleroy hand fans enhance a woman's ensemble


A Favorite Handbag for Any Occasion

Parisian designer Catherine Loiret’s bags offer several ways to wear them, live with them, enjoy them.