Post on 16.04.2019

Caroline de Benoist designs jewelry for joyful days


Is it due to their beautiful design or the strong emotional value which lies in the craft they are made of? As a matter of fact, Caroline de Benoist’s pieces convey an extra touch of soul to their wearers.

A specialist in intellectual property, working with the great luxury labels, Caroline de Benoist discovered a very unique art of crafting jewelry during a holiday on the island of Bali. Not only was she intrigued by these traditions, the kindness of the people and the never-ending inspiration in this place, but this awareness had the power to change her life. A creative spirit, Caroline already loved playing with colors, and her job had intensified her passion for noble material and traditional craftsmanship.  Fascinated by the power of these colored stones, she submitted a few of her sketches to a local artisan who crafted her ideas into jewelry. The moment she discovered them, she was overwhelmed with joy and even more happy to see the enthusiasm in her entourage about her creative vision. Her label was born.



Since 2017, the start of her own label, Caroline de Benoist confesses her love for the colorful stones and the happiness they bring along with the inspiration. Her collections are all made of unique items. With their expert hands, the Indian and Bali artisans implement their ancestral art to create genuine pieces with carefully selected, beautiful semi-precious stones, in silver and gold.  A strong emotional value to colorful gemstones is certainly one of the reasons why the pieces are so easy to integrate into our lives and why they seem to make us feel good as much as to look good.

Each of Caroline’s designs displays her concept of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that all are easy to mix and match with our outfits and adapt beautifully. Just like a woman who continuously evolves her style, the designer's jewelry can enhance a colorful bohemian outfit or become a fabulous asset to a simple, everyday dress. Very reasonably priced, they are also a wonderful idea as a treat with a little something precious. The jewelry has already been adopted by the local French fashionistas and is very Parisian in its versatility. To have a look at the collections, just check the address of the shop in our Little Black Book.






Jacqueline Sablayrolles