Post on 04.05.2019

Capuches à Mémé are the indispensable style signifiers for rainy days

Introducing a good product begins with a good story. This is particularly true when a classic fashion accessory celebrates a stylish comeback.

The story goes that Juliette, a Parisian art director, was very unhappy with the many rainy days in the city. Her grandmother Giselle, a lady with a strong practical sense, did not feel the same way about the permanent weather changes. She simply carried, neatly folded in her purse, an indispensable accessory, the classic rain bonnet.

As it happens with many fashion ideas, Juliette decided to bring her grandmother’s traditional rain bonnet back into fashion, reshaping it with a twist of Parisian chic. Her visual inspiration also comes from movie stars like Audrey Hepburn and fashion legends such as Jackie Kennedy whose art of wearing the scarf has always been terribly alluring. The new collection that originated from this clever idea offers a wide range of modern, versatile and timeless pieces, all of them produced in Europe, from a 100% waterproof fabric.

With her trained eye, the Parisian based designer not only successfully achieved the creation of a new rainproof accessory with these Capuches à Mémé* as she named them tenderly in honor of her grandma, but she also publishes an online tutorial on how to wear them, including lots of little movies, in order to showcase their extraordinary allure and fashionable versatility.

The global need for such an accessory is obvious since with the ever-changing weather we must carry sunglasses and umbrellas simultaneously on an everyday basis. Therefore, to know that we have a lightweight pouch containing a matching rain bonnet stuffed at the bottom of our handbag is very comforting.

Also, since we are often looking for ideas for unique and original gifts, the capuches are made to enchant a friend, mother or daughter whom we want to treat with a stylish, timeless and personal item. The brand's online shop provides a large selection of styles, colors, and patterns, easy for all of those who wish to get a bit of this je-ne-sais-quoi of Parisian chic.

* literally: grandma’s hoodies


Jacqueline Sablayrolles