Post on 16.06.2019

Baccarat’s Cristal Room dazzles and delights with French Elegance

One of the most beautiful spaces to dine in all seasons, the historic hôtel particulier is an enchanting experience, visually and gastronomically.

Formerly the private mansion of Marie-Laure de Noailles, the house on Place des États-Unis is now dedicated to the magic of Baccarat crystal. It's where you can discover the current collections in the shop, visit the gallery-museum to admire a selection of wondrous crystal history, or experience fine gastronomy in the elegance of the upstairs dining room, the Cristal Room.

De Noailles and her husband inherited what was once known as hôtel particulier from her grandfather on her father’s side, Bischoffsheim. The Noailles were known for their support of artists and were considered fans of everything 1920’s avant-garde.  Some of the more notable and fashionable artists of the early and mid-twentieth century that they befriended included Salvador Dalí and Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé, among others.  After their deaths in the late 1980s, the house was sold and is now the location for the Musée Baccarat and the headquarters of Baccarat, the world-famous crystal company started by decree from Louis XV, and long known as the “Glass of Kings”.

French designer Philippe Starck has transformed the former dining room of the sumptuous townhouse into one of the most romantic restaurants in Paris. The juxtaposition of crystal chandeliers with exposed brick walls and ornate mirrors, along with the plush mix of seating arrangements highlighting the tall clear windows with a gorgeous view looking out to the streets and neighboring buildings, combines to create an effect that expresses modernity meeting history. Behind a large antique door hides a private dining room called “Salon Rose” with a whimsical feel: A black glass chandelier against pink walls creates a more intimate space for discreet patrons.  Lunch, tea or dinner is presented on silver and crystal tableware, showcasing the best of French elegance.

The kitchen is run by Guy Martin, an award-winning and internationally famous chef who provides meals that delight and amaze the senses.  The wine selection has been carefully chosen, and the desserts – soufflé and gelato both top the list – are delicious! The Cristal room is a restaurant that is easily on every Parisian’s top list of places to entertain guests.  When the editors of Grace in Paris were planning a finale dinner for one of their History Fashion tours, it was “cristal” clear that this beautiful restaurant would be first choice!

(c) cover picture: Yann Deret


Nancy Flaherty