Post on 23.07.2019

Atelier Zû porcelain objects are made to take their owners on a journey

Artist Céline Salomon, a talented artist, applies her Parisian creativity to the most ancient porcelain making traditions

What makes porcelain so extraordinary? Is it the highly delicate craftsmanship needed to sculpt and paint, the fragility and uniqueness of each piece or simply the joy of drinking one’s tea of out a beautiful cup? Whatever preferences the owner has, porcelain objects are full of emotions. Whether they are part of a family collection or modern designs, there is always a story to tell about them because they're linked to special moments.

A trained Parisian architect, Céline Salomon literally fell in love with this traditional, very challenging craft and moved to Jingdezhen, an ancient village in China known as the “Porcelain Capital” of the world where the original techniques are still applied. There, surrounded by local artisans, she got an intense two-year apprenticeship on this traditional hand-made art.

A modern woman, Salomon is also an artist, able to translate her visions on the splendid pieces that she produces now mainly in her Parisian atelier. Each of her objects has a genuine personality. Atelier Zû’s white porcelain pieces are perfect for people looking for something special, inspiring, full of emotions - something not only to be used but also to introduce a strong aesthetic idea into any interior. The artist sees her creations like an invitation to travel. Clearly, they have a strong relaxing power, a reassuring force, maybe due to the unique combination of Chinese art and Parisian creativity. The Chinese brand’s name, Zû, stands for all the values Salomon wants to share with her customers and porcelain fans: the idea of fusion, sensibility, culture, and ancient know-how. The white color of the porcelain symbolizes the quintessential expression of purity. As for the blue accents, the calligraphy seems to be dancing on the porcelain, like on a painting by Fabienne Verdier, an artist very much admired by Salomon. Possessing a piece, dreamed, designed and sculpted by Atelier Zû is not only a privilege; it can become a wonderful idea for a truly Parisian gift, a piece of art with everyday use.




Jacqueline Sablayrolles