Post on 15.08.2020

An apartment in Paris

July in Paris is a magical time.  The weather is beautiful, perfect for wearing summer dresses, straw hats and sandals while sipping expresso in a favorite cafe or enjoying a gelato, strolling past boutique windows full of luxuries and necessities.  My suitcase is packed and I am ready to go...

When planning a trip to Paris, the first question I always ask myself is "where do I want to stay?"  Sometimes l enjoy being pampered by my friendly hotel staff who greet me with a cheerful "Bonjour Madame" as I enter the doors.  But this time I want to pretend I am a local and I live in an apartment, so I choose to rent a two bedroom flat in the Latin Quarter, a mere block over from the Seine.  My neighborhood has it all, residential buildings with grand doorways, small groceries with locals hanging out at the entrance, and interesting shops with windows full of treasures to be explored.  After dropping my bags off I head down the three flights of stairs and outside to pick up necessities and just explore the neighborhood to see what has changed since my last visit.

When I return to my apartment I appreciate that it has a full kitchen with a small table under a window looking out into the courtyard, perfect for my morning breakfast of coffee, baguette and eggs.  The airy room has curtains around the open windows that are blowing in the breeze.  The wooden floors hold secrets of previous owners and who have walked in my footsteps. I open the windows in the living room onto the noisy street where an occasional car passes by.  My bedroom has its own bath but of course there is never enough room for my hair tools AND makeup.  What is a girl to do?

I would love to tell you more about visiting Paris, living like a local, and exploring the #HiddenGemswithGrace. Lets get ready to go somewhere, near or far, real or imagined, that will keep our spirit for travel and passion for finding new things at their highest levels!

Where do you want to go today?

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Nancy Flaherty