Post on 17.05.2018

A Jack Gomme Handbag is One of Life’s Essential Accessories

The Paris-based house of contemporary handbags has become a hit with trendsetters and fashionistas everywhere.

Women have a “thing” with bags. Not only must these accessories compliment an ensemble and carry an assortment of indispensable items, it must offer permanent companionship on an everyday basis. The particular aesthetics of these necessary accessories are an essential requirement for collectors. Since 1985, Jack Gomme has been one of these young niche brands whose heritage is totally French, using local designers and manufacturers. Describing the brand as “playful and upbeat,” the two founders, Paul Droulers the creative mind and Sophie Renier, the business director combined their skills in design and visual arts to create Jack Gomme.

Each bag stays true to genuine manufacturing by being “Made in France,” a tag engrained on each item, thus demonstrating the authentic DNA of the brand. The brand’s sensible color range make it easy for the bags to be styled down for a casual, everyday look as well as styled up for a fun and quirky night out in the city. Colors range from strong neutrals and basic whites to timeless navy, olive, lilac and even vibrant metallics to enhance a classic outfit such as a grey business suit. The styles consist of backpacks, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, briefcases, clutches and signature tote bags. Overall, these bags can be paired well with flowy dresses for women and khaki pants for men and surely are most complimentary with the quintessential classic “French uniform” of a soft white top, jeans and traditional white sneakers. Trendy yet versatile, chances are the bags are a very good gift idea, for many occasions and at any age, considering the reasonable prices.

Another impressive factor of the brand is exhibited through the strategic design of the boutiques. Designed by Droulers himself, the space combines white, honey and ebony wood tones in the furniture against the white walls creating a timeless and minimalistic atmosphere that works well with the midcentury modern artwork displayed throughout the eight locations. The custom furniture, consisting of open hanging boxes and vintage mirrors, showcases the bags perfectly and presents a personalized and warm experience for customers. If a visit to a boutique in person in the near future seems unattainable, the brand’s online shopping provides an option to gain the attention of international clients who are tempted by the beautiful and modern style that is practical yet still stylish.


Nancy Flaherty