Post on 10.02.2018

A Favorite Handbag for Any Occasion

Parisian designer Catherine Loiret’s bags offer several ways to wear them, live with them, enjoy them.

Walking past the window, the eye catches on the vibrant red leather satchel.  The color is what draws one into the door to discover more.  Like jewels in a treasure box, the boutique is filled with large and small leather goods in candy colors.  The shopper’s delight is evident when entering the room, first picking up a leather backpack in golden yellow, reaching for a mushroom brown tote bag, or caressing a denim blue city bag.  Even the basic black had a rich look about it, with the authentic smell of genuine leather, guaranteeing that the purchaser would be envied by all.

Catherine Loiret’s establishment is the type of shop where you would expect a little dog to greet you at the door, or a parrot by the window saying hello and goodbye! The owner of the shop, Catherine herself, is an expert at working with fine leather, having worked  for well-known labels for many years before opening her own shop in the Eiffel Tower (or 7th) district.  Her experience with Hermès, Lancel, and Delvaux gave her a wealth of knowledge about the finest leather goods that is evident in the quality of her pieces. When asked to describe her esthetic, the designer explains: “this is what I mean by true luxury, having the freedom to adapt your favorite accessories according to your mood and feelings, making it different every day.”


The “City” bag expands and contracts using an accordion system to fit your necessities on a weekend trip or just running about the city. A large leather tote bag has a secret pocket in the bottom for your metro card – no need to sift through the bag or take out the card, just pass the bag by the card reader! Most of her pieces have handles that can become long or short depending on where the handle is connected to the “cufflink”. Catherine Loiret’s creations offer active women a solution to their carry-all needs with the ideal bag, made of quality leather that is easily changed to match the mood. A must have piece for every occasion!

Nancy Flaherty